– 2008 –

As part of the Emmaus homeless charity in St Albans to start a wood recycling operation alongside their furniture recycling business.

– October 2010 –

With Emmaus support St Albans Wood Recycling CIC was set up by Geoff Deans as an independent social enterprise at the present Pickford Road site. It began with one driver and two part-time staff.

– March 2011 –

We provided our 1000th volunteer day!

– July 2011 –

One of our volunteers accepted a job as a part-time driver. He’s still with us and is now full-time. He spent 10 years unemployed before coming to us and is now part of the furniture!

– February 2012 –

We recycled our 1000th tonne of wood!

– August 2013 –

We supported a longtime volunteer Dave through his joinery course at Oakland college by employing him in the wood workshop.

– February 2014 –

Longtime volunteer Karen Sludds joined us as a director.

– February 2016 –

Volunteer Steve became our full time driver after many years not working as a single parent. Spot the pattern: volunteering turns into full time work. All our volunteers turned employees are still with us and form the core of our staff (five out of seven staff).